Why should humans have all the YUM?

Murphy is a fussy boy. That’s why Murphy’s Gravy exists after all. But he’s even fussy when it comes to treats! Bland raw-hide chews and such like just don’t cut it for this chap. Maybe it’s because he sees his human family eating delicious desserts, and wonders why he’s missing out. Whatever the reason, I wanted to make something seriously delicious for Murphy, so that he’d feel extra special. And Murphy’s Ice Cream is it!

The making of Murphy’s Ice Cream

The recipe for Murphy’s Ice Cream was formulated by leading pet nutritionist Carlos Neves. Like Murphy’s Gravy, this new product needed to be tasty AND healthy… with a little extra treatiness. Carlos’ task was thus to find synergy between dog-friendly elements of human ice cream, and new dog-specific ingredients. The result is Murphy’s Biltong & Carob Ice Cream.

As dog owners will know, choosing biltong as one of the main ingredients doesn’t need much explaining – dogs love it! As many won’t know, however, carob also makes perfect ‘dog’ sense – it tastes like chocolate (which dogs love, but it is harmful to them), yet carob is perfectly healthy for dogs. So think of it as ‘chocolate ice cream for dogs’, infused with real biltong, just to make it extra yummy!

Murphy’s Ice Cream is sold off the shelf at room temp and taken home for freezing. The simple reason for this is that most people don’t go shopping with their dogs, so to sell frozen 100ml ice cream tubs doesn’t make sense. Murphy likes to lick his ice cream straight from the tub, but if your dog is a chewer, not a licker, it is recommended to remove from the tub before serving.


Biltong is, of course, made right here in South Africa, while the carob is grown in Spain. The other top quality ingredients are sourced locally and internationally.

Water, starches (8% tapioca), beef biltong (min 8%), chicken, whey protein isolate (0.5% lactose), carob (min 4%), stabilizers, coconut oil, acidulants.
No synthetic flavourants or colourants.